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Did you know that on average we look at our phones 80 times a day? Given this, and the fact that most of us use a computer for the majority of our working hours, our Desktop Wallpapers & Phone Wallpapers at Over The Prickle are created to remind you frequently of an intention to help keep you inspired along your life journey.

Oh, & did we mention that they are completely FREE?
So knock yourself out whilst you're here...


So What Exactly Is An Intention?

An intention is defined as an aim or plan, or the healing process of a wound. We are all a work in progress, constantly trying to become healthier mentally, physically, emotionally, vocationally, or spiritually. 

Over The Prickle was created to be that constant reminder in your life. The more attention you give to a goal (or one of life's prickles), the higher chances you will have in achieving it, or in this case the more immune you will become to those pesky prickles. 



Our Intentions.png

Have you got an intention that you would like to focus on that you don't see on our website?